May 11, 2013

Be Happy my Love

The sky is so blue today
With clouds the sun becomes so shy
Wind dance and passing by
Forgetting you is the last thing I want to try

I had a huge hope on you before
Taking me from the wide sea to the shore
Change me from the course I'm heading before
But it didn't even matter anymore
I can love you no more

This heart of mine is dying
My dreams are flying
My hopes are fading
Still you can't be the one I'm loving

Your wedding is getting near
It's not me beside you my dear
Not my suite the groom would wear
In a far I will be the one swimming in tear

Wish you happy wish you smile
Getting the love I don't have chance to give
Although giving up is not my style
I'm leaving you gone not for a while

December 08, 2011

Night Wind

The sun is stepping out
The moon is hiding his nose
Time is walk smooth passing down
I walk in these stairs, my usual course

Late night is behind now
A small breeze touch my hair
Soft and sound, yeah, a small blow
Noone can see it nor hear

I laugh and smile like I'm alive
Noone knows there's only zombie inside
It seems nothing is missing
Just the night wind like this is my only companion on thinking

In the Name of Love and Peace

Ferry TM Silaban

November 12, 2011


I didn't know
I don't know
And maybe I just won't know

I've been gone too far
Too damn insane than before
Can't think or see it more clear
All I know is that I want you more

Still I have the chance?
Or should I come with an offense?
Many have come, but no thank you
I'm already insane about you
Sent in the name of Love and Peace by the Great PEI

July 29, 2011


The moon maybe wont come tonight
But tomorrow the sun will always wait
When you love somebody what do you expect?
When you care for someone what do you want to get?
Will you end your hope when everything is not alright?
In the end, you live on your own fight

Why a nice person is hard to get something they want?
Is love is always playing hard to get?
No matter how hard to find the answer
Everything will become harder as far as you can remember

This is maybe the end of a story
But maybe this is a new beginning of a new one
Whatever it is, just try to do what you want to do
See whatever you want to see
Live without any regrets in life
Because tomorrow can be one day too late

January 30, 2011

Minutes to Midnight Memories

I'm still remember that night
Riding my tornado at the speed of light
The sky without the moon just like tonight
Doesn't care if it wasn't right

Holding a sketch of her in a high speed
Finding some cake and a candle but didn't even fit it
Only one thing crossed my mind
Giving the best hour at her special moment in that night

The moment I remember as my Minutes to Midnight

In the name of Love and Peace
Prince of Earth Independence

January 29, 2011


everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love

For some reason, I was walking alone at a quick pace
lovers pass by without noticing each other in the weekend city
even if I realize that I made a mistake,
even if I forget my love right away,
I'm so lonely

to tell the truth, I have no confidence
even though i pretend to be strong and laugh,
I sigh all the way home.

everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love
It's never easy to be on your own
the ending that I can see
is even if I fall in love, it'll only bring me pain

I'm slowly becoming a coward
It's okay to run away, but...
everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love

Everybody is always waiting for that fateful encounter
and battling agains loneliness
When I find you,
the real me will come alive.

(taken from 1st Opening Angel Heart - English Translation )