May 24, 2010

A Time Beside the Pond

In the night without stars
This litte pond where I sit
Watch the fish playing around
Flows of the water give the back sound

Moments like this I can t never stand for
Moment like this I ve been searching for
The moments I m always wanted to show you
The moment that makes me miss you...

My right hand holding my phone
My other touch the water on the pond
Having a smile hearing a tone
Waiting an angel pick up my phone

The fish swims as if they run
Chasing each other looks so fun
This lovely night complete when I hear the sound
Voice of an angel over my head around

There are jokes, smiles, and laughts
The past, now, and future make some stories
Letting the night go deep without worries
Seconds like this I won't give a price
I won't exchange it even with the skies

-- the PEI --