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A letter for my Honey

Playing with fire, burns you up
Playing with knfe, bleeding you up
Playing with heart, ripping you up
Playing with mind, blamming you up

When I can't find somebody
Someone come wants to be in my mind
I hate my hands for being so naughty
Making your mind wants to be mine

I feel confuse when you answer me
Can't answer my body, flesh, and blood
It feels reactive when you are beside me
But it still hurt and I can't understood

I try to make you replacing her
Someone I hope to be my someone
More I move more I open my sc
Thanks to the time, confusing me when telling you are the one

I maybe healed when you are near
I got what I need when someone isn't here
You may not forgive me when I reopen your scar
I can take it cause you have become one of my shining star

I should be blammed, hate, and I bad
Playing with your heart take it so deep
Believe me honey, I don't want you sad
Give me time honey, there are still samething in my keep

Night winds can't reduce it
The winds in ocean back there can&#…

Uncomplete Story

In this room I start to think
This room is a witness
The eyes of walls say that I'm sick
Watching a whole me that always been miss

Walking around in this city
Feels so empty feels so real
Not forgiving my self and my stupidity
Letting my heart making the deal

Down, sadness, tears, and angry
I share with someone where I stopping by
Don't know how you feel to my insanity
I'm lost without you and lost my reality

The day will come to pick me up
I've tells you my mind when my hearts are worry
Can't say there is something killing me up
Can't close my eyes in this uncomplete story

Will you be there when I come?
Will you accept my offer when I'm on your door?
Will you listen to my mind when I say some?
Will you answer my heart when knowing my ship is near your shore?

I miss you

This city is so croud
Full of people come and go
I am here crying out loud
Because I really miss you so