August 30, 2010

A letter for my Honey

Playing with fire, burns you up
Playing with knfe, bleeding you up
Playing with heart, ripping you up
Playing with mind, blamming you up

When I can't find somebody
Someone come wants to be in my mind
I hate my hands for being so naughty
Making your mind wants to be mine

I feel confuse when you answer me
Can't answer my body, flesh, and blood
It feels reactive when you are beside me
But it still hurt and I can't understood

I try to make you replacing her
Someone I hope to be my someone
More I move more I open my sc
Thanks to the time, confusing me when telling you are the one

I maybe healed when you are near
I got what I need when someone isn't here
You may not forgive me when I reopen your scar
I can take it cause you have become one of my shining star

I should be blammed, hate, and I bad
Playing with your heart take it so deep
Believe me honey, I don't want you sad
Give me time honey, there are still samething in my keep

Night winds can't reduce it
The winds in ocean back there can't answer my call
Even my whole power is leaving me
Hiding this from you bring me so much pain

I got your message just when I write this
It's not for me but it stress me out
You said that you are crying out this
I really can't take it honey, I really can't
I know this will happen sooner or later but I have tried out

I can't sleep even a second
This is a test we must face together
I know you hurt, I drop my tears
I'm so sorry honey,I need you and I can't take this alone
Be strong honey, I fallng down
Stand up honey, catch me now...