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Minutes to Midnight Memories

I'm still remember that night
Riding my tornado at the speed of light
The sky without the moon just like tonight
Doesn't care if it wasn't right

Holding a sketch of her in a high speed
Finding some cake and a candle but didn't even fit it
Only one thing crossed my mind
Giving the best hour at her special moment in that night

The moment I remember as my Minutes to Midnight

In the name of Love and Peace
Prince of Earth Independence


everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love

For some reason, I was walking alone at a quick pace
lovers pass by without noticing each other in the weekend city
even if I realize that I made a mistake,
even if I forget my love right away,
I'm so lonely

to tell the truth, I have no confidence
even though i pretend to be strong and laugh,
I sigh all the way home.

everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love
It's never easy to be on your own
the ending that I can see
is even if I fall in love, it'll only bring me pain

I'm slowly becoming a coward
It's okay to run away, but...
everybody wants somebody's love
everybody needs somebody's love

Everybody is always waiting for that fateful encounter
and battling agains loneliness
When I find you,
the real me will come alive.

(taken from 1st Opening Angel Heart - English Translation )

The Full Moon

Under this full moon
Behind this cozy cloud
No one follows
No one to go to

Listening the world scream
Is it the truly the world?
Or it just my mind is wondering
Deep in the night
Under this sky so blue

I'm thinking when I look at this moon
Smiling at me just like an old friend
Gazing me with its pitiful eye
Saying something straight to my mind
"Yes, I'm wathing her for you"

In the name of Love and Peace

Night crawler

Langkah demi langkah kujalani
Mencari dan terus mencari
Cukup jauhkah ku tlah pergi?
Kemanakah kubawa hati ini?

Someone say I'm just a dreamer
Some say I'm just a loser
But I know I'm still wonder
Trying to forget what should not remember

Alunan angin malam tuntun jalanku
Deru kendaraan ini yang buatku terpaku
Terus maju dengan tangan di dalam saku
Tak peduli walau apapun yang sedang berlaku

I know there must be something
There must be reasons for this whole thing
Until now I do nothing but thinking
Just betting for something I still believing

In the name of Love and Peace